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Product Details

The genuine Yamaha 2C Graduated Premix Bottle, your go-to solution for precise and hassle-free mixing of two-stroke oil and gasoline. Specifically designed for Yamaha's line of high-performance two-stroke engines, this premix bottle eliminates the guesswork, ensuring you get the perfect mix every time.
Accurate markings make it easy to measure the correct oil-to-gas ratio, ensuring optimal engine performance.
Made with durable, chemical-resistant materials, this is a genuine Yamaha accessory, guaranteeing compatibility and long-lasting reliability.
Our leak-proof design allows you to shake the bottle for a thorough mix without spills.
Whether you're a seasoned boater or a weekend warrior, the Yamaha 2C Graduated Premix Bottle is the convenient and accurate way to prepare your two-stroke Yamaha engine for action.
Compatible With All Yamaha Two-Stroke Oils: Use this bottle with confidence, knowing it's perfectly suited for all Yamaha two-stroke oils.
Invest in Authenticity and Convenience:
Take the guesswork out of mixing oil and fuel-choose the Yamaha 2C Graduated Premix Bottle for accuracy and ease.

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