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Product Details

Evinrude's Triple-Guard Grease stands out as the premier marine grease, ensuring optimal boat engine lubrication and unmatched protection against the harshest marine conditions. Crafted specifically for saltwater environments, this waterproof lubricant is a must-have for any boat owner or enthusiast.

As a water-insoluble, lithium-based marine grease, Triple-Guard offers unparalleled resistance to washouts, even in demanding saltwater scenarios. Its unique formula guarantees superior anti-corrosion properties, providing an essential rust prevention layer for boats and marine equipment. Whether it's for prop shaft lubrication, steering systems, or any other marine application, this heavy-duty marine lubricant is the go-to choice for extended equipment lifespan and smooth operation.

Evinrude, a name synonymous with reliability in the marine industry, brings you this exceptional product as part of its commitment to boat maintenance excellence. Whether you're searching for the best marine greases or specific solutions like rust prevention for boats, Evinrude's Triple-Guard Grease is the gold standard.

Invest in your marine equipment's longevity and performance. Choose Evinrude Triple-Guard Grease—the top-tier, water-resistant grease for all your marine lubrication needs.

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